Getting Bonded (Insured at Work) and WOTC (Work Opportunities Tax Credits)

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We’re going to cover another topic related to reentry resources and the reduction of recidivism today, one which can really help you sell yourself (in the best way possible) to the various employers that might be on the fence for hiring you thanks to that pesky background check.

There is hope for anyone who is struggling to get a job!

While it’s tempting to cover up your background with a well-crafted lie, it’s better to come out up front about it (more on the topic of honesty later, I promise). There’s a good reason for this:

Job Insurance for Felons and More!

It’s called the Federal Bonding Program, and it won’t cost you OR your possible employer a single cent and it lasts for six whole months. It’s like a sort of probationary period – but for work. So, you can be completely and totally honest with your potential employer – and still get a chance at earning an income to build a new life after your conviction (or any other hardship really).

This particular pro-tip isn’t just for felons, it can be used by those who have substance abuse issues, those who are on various forms of welfare, those with poor credit (for those pesky jobs that evaluate every single aspect of your personal life), the federal bonding program is even great for those with little to no work history and those who were discharged from the military without the honorable discharge. So, federal bonding for jobs is something that is for everyone!

It will help ease you into a job with a sort of insured probation period with the employer – which helps get your foot in the door to make a great impression for yourself and your fellow reformed citizens that are re-entering society.

The great thing about this is how easy it is to get started. You can use this link to the Bonding Program Coordinators to get more information about how to get started or to grab information to take with you to your next interview. You now have one more helpful tool to help you improve your life after a felony conviction. There’s more help for felons available too! Just keep reading  – you won’t believe this next hiring incentive for felons in the workplace.

Work Opportunity Tax Credits for Hiring Felons

In line with this “federal level bonding for jobs program” that we have just discussed, I’ve also found that many factory type employers receive tax incentives for hiring felons, so if you have a healthy enough body for that kind of work, you may have much better luck finding employment through one of your local factories. They may literally be rewarded for hiring you – which gives you another advantage in the workplace.

This isn’t limited to factories by any means – I’ve simply noticed a trend in the area – where other types of employers were completely unaware of this possible perk – and thus more unlikely to try to take advantage of it. It seems that not many human resources people are okay with a felon knowing more about these things than themselves – again – more personal experience. So, if you’re applying to a company with more than 15 employees – they should qualify to get this incentive – regardless of if they believe you or not about its existence. (This belief thing is a common issue actually – I have the same problem pop up more than a few times when I mentioned how my Certificate of Good Conduct relieves employers of negligence in hiring [in the case that something bad happens] – they make this disinterested face that tells me they think I’m full of it.)

Best thing to do in these cases – is to bring proof of these opportunities with you to the interviews you attend. Every time you get ready for your next interview – print out sheets from their websites that explain what they do – or even make your own. I’m working on a nifty infographic to go here that you can save and use at your convenience – bear with me as I update this – my design service is having technical difficulties.

That’s all I’ve got on Federal Bonding and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit for now, but it’s definitely worth more investigation if you’re having issues with getting past the interviews for work. Tag me on Twitter and let me know your experiences with these tips – @aza_enigma

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