A Guide to Life After a Felony

Hey Readers!

It feels like it has been a long time since I uploaded my work into Smashwords, but the book is finally fully released! (Original eBook cover art featured above – Courtesy Paulann Egelhoff- see links below)

I’m so excited to have this ready for you guys that want an easy breakdown of reentry resources for life after a felony conviction. This guide is a short book – I like to keep things to the point when possible – but I’ve included basic tips from Surviving Supervision, Creating Connections, to Burning Bridges and all this is on top of the state by state information I’ve included!

It’s so difficult to find second chances after a felony conviction – and I want to change that. Microcosm Publishing has also picked up a print version of my Guide to Life After a Felony – and they’re keeping it under $5 so everyone can afford this incredible self-help guide. Help for felons is finally available in an easy-to-read book!

The Guide to Life After a Felony eBook Now Available

 (Smashwords *eBook* Link – Download any file you need) – The original release site for Finding Freedom – The Guide to Life After a Felony. These guys are fantastic for independent authors who want to self-publish. Don’t mind the different cover – the content is the same I promise!

(Amazon *eBook* Link – Kindle Readers) -The Amazon KDP release of Finding Freedom – The Guide to Life After a Felony. While the Kindle file is also available on Smashwords – I wanted this to be available everywhere possible. I loved this design for the cover too – so I couldn’t help myself in including it here.

(Microcosm Print Edition – For those who prefer the weight of a paper-based book, here is the exclusive print edition of The Guide to Life After a Felony – ***Please Note if you are planning on sending this print book to persons currently incarcerated this book may not be accepted at all prisons or correctional institutions – each place has different rules and exceptions – I apologize in advance if it is returned instead of reaching your loved one)

What’s Inside The Guide to Life After a Felony

A simple summary

It contains helpful tips and hints that I found useful over my own years of struggle, as well as a state by state breakdown of what we can do to get our records off of our backs. I’m not saying getting through your obstacles is gonna be easy, but I know from experience that it’s worth it. And you definitely want the information that is tailored to your state – no state has exactly the same rules for every conviction. Some states have severe restrictions on the rights that felons can restore – so you need the personalized information to find out what applies to your case.

Now when it comes to the life hacks and tips for finding second chances after a conviction, this book includes everything from surviving supervision to burning bridges and creating new connections during the reentry phase of your sentence – The Friendly Felon has been through it all – and wants to share tips and tricks to overcome the obstacles that a felony conviction presents felons in our daily lives – long after conviction and long after serving our time. There are also helpful tips for figuring yourself out, for setting goals and prioritizing them, and tips for education and building a small business. You can find a little bit of everything here, all in one easy to read guide book.

Exclusive Excerpt

“Now, one of the greatest things about having an order of probation or parole is the likelihood of community service because it leads to those extremely helpful positive connections. Many people I’ve known opted to have some of the financial portions of their punishment turned into community service. I did myself as well, but I can’t guarantee that all courts allow this sort of behavior. They have proven to be quite different from area to area, and you simply need to ask. The worst thing that can occur is that they say no, and nothing happens.

So, when you have community service on your order, or when you go out to volunteer at local places like a shelter, church, or thrift store (either to be helpful on your own whim, or as a condition of freedom), you can make connections with people that will eventually give you references. Which are awesome in negating the devastating effect a conviction can and will likely have on your career which leverages your ability to support yourself.” (Finding Freedom – A Guide to Life After a Felony by Aza Enigma)

Cover Art for The Guide to Life

Also, if you love the original cover art shown above, please go here to see more of the artists work. She’s a wonderful photographer and a skilled digital artist, as well as a close friend of mine. (See, positive networking helps out everyone involved!)

//Update// She just got a sweet interview with Voyage Phoenix – so check it out! She also made an updated cover for me after a short inspiration session came about- check it out:


Get the Word Out for Struggling Felons Everywhere!!!

Anywho, thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you’ve found something helpful here, and if you’d like to connect, find my Facebook page The Friendly Felon or find me on Twitter – either way – be sure to follow me AND share my links – every share counts in this digital world. And when that ‘Connect w Aza’ bit pops up – go ahead and sign up for free excerpts from the books! I’ll be forever thankful! If you didn’t catch it – just contact me and request to be added to the list – I’ll bend over backward for you guys – just ask!

If you want the exclusive print edition of the book – find it HERE, and show Microcosm Publishing some love – they’re amazing!

Or if you’re into eBooks – just look around the page and blog for links to your favorite and most popular retailers or search The Guide to Life After a Felony at your favorite ebook retailer. Find more of my books on my Books page – and be sure to check back for updates often!

Stay strong fellow felons, we got this!

Love and Peace – Aza (@aza_enigma)


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