Learning to Change Gears

Hello, Readers!

Today, I want to talk about how we will often have to change gears in our life, or make adaptations as we go. It can be a total pain in the arse, but it is worth having the capability to do so, as it can make life quite a bit more workable.

I’ve been talking to my current payroll bosses a lot about resumes, as we’ve been looking for additional staff. They commented on the expansive experience that I showcased in my resume – not that it was necessary for the job I applied for – and added how impressed they were by my adaptability and willingness to learn.

Just to showcase the variety, here’s a taste: Automotive Damage Estimator, Food Packaging Plant worker, Customer Service Rep (Sales Phone line), Sales Agent for Cutlery, Waitress, Volunteer Advocate in a Shelter, Fishing Hook Production Line, Fluid and Filter Maintenance Technician, and more…

And those are just a sample of payroll incomes, let alone the self-employment avenues that I’ve ventured down as well.

Back to my point though, while my original intentions for my life were completely different than what I found myself having to ‘make do’ with, I found that allowing myself to pursue additional paths of interest was something that opened whole new realms of possibility for my life.

Rather than sit there, frustrated at the world for not accepting that I had learned a lesson and beating my fists against a metaphorical brick wall built by that background – I decided to walk in a different direction. Eventually, with practice, I learned to run with that approach in such a way that I could research and be prepared for certain obstacles, to the point where those walls looked more like speed bumps in my perspective.

Not all of them have worked out either, which makes the ability to keep changing gears a very important one.  Also, because it can suck when things haven’t worked out, I always try to make sure I appreciate having the new background knowledge of some aspect of life I hadn’t known before. For instance, after working at an oil change/general maintenance shop – I can now maintain my own vehicle for far longer; simply because I learned so much from taking on that experience.

So, if you’re in that frustrated stage, where your life seems like it’s hit a brick wall, take an inventory of your interests, find a few you think are most applicable to your skills or capability, and get ready to change your gear. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride, but as always – it’s worth it.

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Love and Peace – Aza

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