Letters of Love and War Now Available

Now Available! Letters of Love and War


You can find it at all of your favorite eBook retailers!

Great for the history lover, bookworm, love letter addict, and everyone else with an interest in World War One (also known as WWI or The Great War).

Follow a Midwestern man as he ventures out to find his path in life. He finds comfort in unexpected places during his adventure but is suddenly ripped away from his life into a raging war overseas.

Follow his journey across the world as he goes to serve round after round in the infamous trenches that were used in the Great War – his family waiting anxiously for letters that may never come.

Buy Now for Kindle, Kobo, and on Smashwords (all eReader formats!)

Get a new set of books to read for yourself or for a friend in need!

Love and Peace – Aza

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