In development, a friendly felon choices game

Like Text-Based Games about Choices?

I’m developing a text-based gamebook!

Instead of the typical game theme – I’ll be hitting on the experiences after prison and some of the choices that can be faced. You’ll make decisions and walk down the path of your choosing to experience some of the everyday obstacles and issues that returning citizens face upon their release.

I won’t be able to put every single situation in the game – but it will hit on some of the sorest points of reentry into society.

Some key points in the game will look at:

  • Levels of positive support in residence after release
  • Peer-pressure situations
  • Choices and test of character
  • More

I’m building it using a neat open-source platform provided by Quest. So far it is proving to be easy to use and totally free!

The ease of creating branches and choices is amazing – especially when compared to my initial note diagrams. Those things are getting complicated and I’m only a couple of levels into the basic skeleton. I’m planning on including a Risk Points feature for certain choices that will influence your success in the game based on your choices – but we will just have to wait and see if that pans out. It depends on if I can finagle the options on the writing platform to my needs. So far it seems to have some features that are aimed at this so I’ll have to experiment with some trial and error. Nothing new there – that’s how things get done!

This post will be updated with a link as soon as the game is finished. Then you can send ideas for new branches and new obstacles!

I know I can’t wait, so back to work I go!

Love and Peace, Aza

p.s. While you’re waiting for me to finish this project, why don’t you take a look at the Books page? Never know what you might find and everything is under 5 bucks!

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