Supportive Stickers with Microcosm Publishing

Big news everyone!

I’ve collaborated with Microcosm Publishing on a couple new things!

First up, we got the expansions that I’ve been working on – ready to print for the next printing run of The Friendly Felon’s Guide to Life After a Felony. Grab up your copies right here while they’re hot!

Next, as you might know, I’ve been in a sticker frenzy for the last few weeks – so I submitted some to the fantastic contributors at Microcosm. I just got these nifty links in my email a couple days ago as two of my favorites were approved!

Greater than the sum of your labels sticker

I believe in second chances sticker

(Images coming soon – we have to wait for printing in July!)

So, go ahead and pre-order some stickers now, they’re only $1!!!  And, they’re in vinyl too! (I was trying to print some stickers of my own – but they’re more for indoor type stuff as they are paper and not laminated. Feel free to contact me if you want any stickers I’ve personally made.)

That’s all, for now, folks, there’s always more in store, so keep checking back and finding the inspiration you need to overcome your obstacles. We’ll rise above our pasts together!

Love and peace,
Aza Enigma

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