Cannabis Legalization in Illinois – The Expungement Section – Reformative Justice

Hey Readers! Exciting news for Illinois residents! Legal cannabis for recreational use will be available to the adult public as of January 1st 2020.

In addition to the overall legalization of cannabis, this state is going even further and ensuring that individuals with certain types of cannabis convictions can have an opportunity to expunge that record.

Some of the text pertaining to this – directly from the bill itself states –

“Minor Cannabis Offense” means a violation of Section 4 or 5 of the Cannabis Control Act concerning not more than 30 grams of any substance containing cannabis, provided the violation did not include a penalty enhancement under Section 7 of the CannabisControl Act and is not associated with an arrest, conviction or other disposition for a violent crime as defined in subsection (c) of Section 3 of the Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act.

Additionally, the bill states:

Commencing 180 days after July 29, 2016 (the effective date of Public Act 99-697), the law enforcement agency issuing the citation shall automatically expunge, on or before January 1 and July 1 of each year, the law enforcement records of a person found to have committed a civil law violation of subsection (a) of Section 4 of the Cannabis Control Act or subsection (c) of Section 3.5 of the Drug Paraphernalia Control Act in the law enforcement agency’s possession or control and which contains the final satisfactory disposition which pertains to the person issued a citation for that offense.

This is great news for many people, and the bill includes much more information that might offer even more hope for those who have been dealing with cannabis-based convictions in Illinois.

See the entire bill in all of its legalese here to learn more about the options you might now have for expungement, sealing, and even potential for business grants for the cannabis industry in Illinois. You never know what you might find with just a little bit of research.

Enjoy the good news cannabis lovers! Keep rising above!

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