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Hey all!

I know that it’s been a while since I posted here, but there’s a good reason for that.

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from blogging in general and have been getting out of the house with the family a bit more often.

We were inspired by a few worldwide YouTubers to try something called magnet fishing.

Our local area is just chock full of creeks and old bridges as well as a lot of people that seem to uncontrollably throw things from their vehicles  – so we figured we would give it a shot. All it took was some rope and a big magnet that was from an old speaker system to get started. (Upgrades to better magnets were made later, lol)

If you don’t know what magnet fishing is, that’s okay – no one I’ve talked to about it has known what it was until I explained it (eccentric interests always need to be explained, lol). So, basically, with magnet fishing, you fish with magnets tied onto long ropes and hope to connect to metal stuff that the magnet likes somewhere under the waters. While you won’t get any precious metals, as they don’t seem to be magnetic, the sport not only gives people something different to try – it allows us to help our environment in big ways.

Turns out – I’m really into magnet fishing. For one, it’s a great family experience – hanging out in the quiet backroads of the Midwest and finding crazy, random metal stuff. Plus, my kid gets to learn about old bridges, learn about nature and local wildlife, and even helps pull gross rusted metal out of our waterways and aqua environments. Which helps the aquatic life – even if they get a little crabby about the water disturbances.

If you want in on what we’ve been doing – I have made a sister YouTube channel called Randym Essence – If I continue vlogging there will be all sorts of random things on there as I have a lot of eclectic interests. At the time of posting this – there will be one playlist filled with all the clips from magnet fishing over the summer of 19.

Please like and subscribe, and offer ideas! I’d love to talk more with all of you and thank you for being a part of The Friendly Felon all this time! But just like all of us felons, I’m more than that label – and I do more than help people. I like to explore this crazy world we live in and find other kindred souls that vibe just right. So let’s connect with more than our pasts, and share our other interests as well.

Don’t worry, this blog full of reentry resources and ideas for helping felons after conviction and fighting a bad background will stay up forever (or as long as it can), and I may post new felony related content from time to time as laws change and things need to be updated, but I’ve generally run out of topics to talk about that are purely focused on helping others with felony based obstacles.

Want to help maintain fresh posts?
Posts sharing your recidivism connected interests/businesses/websites/blogs are a possibility – reach out if you’d like placement on the site! Additionally, if you have some ideas or questions that I haven’t answered yet, please feel free to reach out and ask for exactly what you need! We’ll whip up a post addressing it as soon as possible. You can always find me on Twitter and on Facebook as Aza Enigma or The Friendly Felon.

So, for now, let’s get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and spend time with the people we love. Happy Friday ya’ll! Oh, here’s the new vlog website too!



Recent Favorite Video Uploads on YouTube



Take care and share your story to inspire more people!

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