NYC takes THC off the test!

Hello lovely Readers! If you haven’t picked up yet that I’m an avid cannabis advocate, here’s another sign.

I’m excited to share this article from Honey German and IHeartRadio that announces a city-wide ban on THC testing for employment and probation purposes!

Here’s a link to the article itself so you can read the details in person: It’s Lit Article

Now, I haven’t seen the official live footage, as that seems to be the only current proof provided on this article (and I’m not much for political footage in general), but I will be excited to see the bill itself to take a look at the exact language.

One concern of mine is that the term ‘probation’ will be limiting, as the judicial system likes to classify things on a whole new level of OCD, which may complicate some of the topics this bill is trying to address. Those who are on ‘parole’ are subject to many of the same rules and conditions, with the only difference being that you’ve already been incarcerated in a prison rather than jail – and are threatened with return to either facility upon violating said form of supervision with THC in the bodily system alone. Which is exactly (one of) the situation(s) this bill is trying to prevent.

Cannabis has been helpful for many individuals, convictions or not – and has helped many people that struggled previously with opioid and other addictions. So, it’s really awesome that NYC is setting the stage for non-THC tests for employment and more. I just hope that the bill is well thought out and really does help people that are using cannabis to help better themselves like I did through my own probation period (that was rough, having to figure out when tests would happen and getting through them without setting off the probation officer in some way).

I also am hopeful to see this implemented by many other cities and even states at some point. I know that Illinois has previously taken notes from New York (Certificate of Good Conduct) so, of course, I’d like to see this happen again as soon as possible. While I don’t worry so much about drug tests or background checks since I work as a freelancer now, I’d love to see this giant hurdle removed from every cannabis consumer’s life. Tokers smoke to chill out, feel better, and to relax and all that hassle really harshes the buzz of life in general.

Til next time friends, keep advocating for what you love. We’re seeing great changes being made because we raised our voices together – as one – and progress is being made!

~ Aza Enigma

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