Wanna buy my stuff?

Oh man, I didn’t realize how little the ‘press this’ button did.

Okay, so! Update!

I’ve started offering my creations for sale again. I started out doing so on Etsy, and a few other popular platforms, but now I’m going more direct. Except there’s links involved because I’m a one person warrior here that doesn’t want to copy pasta sales pages across all my platforms, I don’t like to be lazy but I’ve also gotten myself spread a bit thin thanks to my eccentricities. So, to grab my handmade paintings, runes, and other random things by Randym Essence… use this link below.

via Wanna buy my stuff?  

Click the link – it’s shared from my sibling blog Randym Essence Adventures – where I also showcase my YouTube Channel. I’ve had to adapt my ordering system thanks to disagreements with most large sellers – well, I just don’t want to pay fees on top of fees on top of fees – those pennies add up damnit… – other than my zazzle store so far just because I can have fun with the designs and such – and that’s on this link here. I think. I keep updating things and it’s starting to blend together after nearly five years of it.

You can also check out the link at the top of the page titled ‘books’, or click it here – Books. That’s the motherlode of my self and small published works. I’ll be expanding it over time as well I’m sure – I have one in the editing and review stage, and still have around 3 others on deck for future polishing and publishing. Enjoy them all!

You can also show support by sending some funds this way. Blog costs and creative endeavors take time and money – every penny is appreciated and applied toward moving things forward.



    • I’ve updated the page! I hadn’t really realized how little the press this button did in regards to sharing posts. I’m still figuring out the different nooks and crannies of this whole blogging thing, lol.


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