Moving Forward and A Moment of Silence

I’m three weeks late in posting this, but I wanted to announce that my beautiful mother has passed on from this world. She battled MS for roughly 50 years, raised myself and three other children on her own terms, and was a driven and determined woman that has endlessly inspired me to overcome each and every obstacle I’ve come face to face with.

A moment of silence for her and her strength.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been focused on other projects – thus taking away much of my time to add things of quality that are directly related to the ‘after conviction’ life. I’m still pretty much at that point. Here’s a breakdown of what I’m busy with – if you’re curious to know and keep up with my ever evolving projects:

Three blogs dedicated to different interests – two that are based on cannabis, one with the addition of adult topics and how-to’s, and one that is strictly random stuff that I do – basically crafting, painting, hiking, and some different spiritual/witchy things I dabble in.

There are two more workbooks in the Friendly Felon Workbook Series that I need to get moved into editing and publishing. That’ll be a total of four – and then if I’m lucky – print editions.

I also have 10 different books that I’ve been juggling as works in progress (don’t even ask about the range of topics, lol, but I’m at 107k words in total for all of the current projects), in addition to continuing to try to push the original two published books with a limited marketing budget. Those that are published already are all available in the Books tab at the top of the page or the link that says Books here.

I’ve also added a YouTube Channel to my schedule. Not that it’s been getting the attention it deserves from me recently – between winter blues and losing my mother this month – it’s been spotty at best. I do hope to be back on track by mid summer if I’m lucky – fall if I’m less lucky, because then the blues start to hit again and the motivation goes right out the window.

Finally, I’m still keeping up various design sales with Zazzle as well as offering crafted items on Instagram. I’ve linked each of these in their various spots – feel free to click and check them out and follow as you wish. I’m also still on Twitter and occasionally post additional things on top of the scheduled shares that I mainly use the account for.

And all of this in addition to a weekly writing gig that keeps the bills paid until my other ideas pan out a little better.

So, I’m still moving forward and still finding new obstacles to overcome each and every day. I hope you guys are doing the same – no matter what you might be facing, the only way to get through it is to move forward. Felony background or not, life waits for no one – it simply keeps going. Might as well make the most of every moment we have.

Love and Peace, Aza.

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