New Guide to Life After a Felony Workbooks!

Hey everyone!

As you know, I’ve been venturing into publishing books among my many other interests. I’ve been busy with these workbooks for a couple years, and I finally have the entire series finished! These work in tandem with the Guide to Life, and help you explore your options for finding your success after a felony conviction. Assess yourself, decide on goals and find the steps to take to get to them, get that income rolling in and overcome the obstacles you face. It’s not the end of the road guys, we can succeed!

Grab these great resources now on Amazon and Microcosm Publishing!

The original Guide to Life After a Felony Guidebook in ebook format. Print version available here.

Workbook 1 – Get a Grip (Self-Assessment)

Workbook 2 – Big Goals and Baby Steps

Workbook 3 – Second Chances and Employment

Workbook 4 – Basic Budgeting

Workbook Collection – 1 through 4 in one place at Microcosm in print!

Thank you again for being here, I hope you find everything you need to succeed. Keep overcoming those obstacles! Love, Aza

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