Direct Download Workbook Collection

Hello again!

The Friendly Felon is testing a potential new feature here today – direct purchase and download of the workbook collection in an easy to access PDF.

We’re starting out simple and sticking with one item for now until we get more familiar with the set up on the site we’ve chosen to try out.

Try it out for yourself and help us test this valuable new tool we’ve found to simplify the purchase process.

As well as grabbing a copy of the entire set of four workbooks that discuss self-assessment, setting goals, organizing priorities, building resumes, landing jobs, and basic budgeting skills.

For only $10.

If this new tool is as helpful as it proclaims to be, we may begin to offer a lot more direct downloadable content. Currently, sales are limited to 25 per day, feels a bit exclusive, but it’s only because we’re trying the free starter pack with FetchApp. We can’t wait to see the results! No, this isn’t endorsed either, we’re just a little excited to have found a new tool that might prove handy for anyone that is entrepreneurial-minded. Digital content is essentially what our lives are made of now and it’s good to find new things to experiment with to expand potential.

Or, stick with what you know and grab them from Amazon, or check out my Book page here.

Get a preview of the original Guide to Life After a Felony ebook here

Til next time, stay positive and keep overcoming those obstacles.

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