Interview with Bryan – Overcoming Obstacles After a Felony

Aza: Let’s begin at the beginning, what brought you to the experience of finding yourself a felon? Will you share the nature of your conviction with us?

Bryan: I was 18 years old when I caught my first felony charge I was in a relationship that went toxic, we were kids having kids. The pressures got to us and really we fought a lot. Not physically, but it was very verbal, with no filters. I caught 3 dvs (domestic violence misdemeanors) which made it a felony charge. I got out after serving 6 months. Then, less than a year later I was arrested again in 2013 for pimping, catching my 2nd felony.

Aza: What moment helped inspire you to begin to move forward from the conviction? What changes in your mindset and behavior do you believe helped push you forward?

Bryan: The moment that changed it… well, there have been several very intense moments in my life where I felt like I’ve been given a sign from God, like the three times I’ll briefly describe here: 2013 when I didn’t go to prison; 2014 meeting my daughter for the first time (I missed her birth); and 2017 my son Nathan being born.

Aza: Ok, now, let’s talk the big money, how did you get to be a seven figure earner? Did you have to get loans to start up, if so, what was that experience like? And finally, what sort of work do you do now, as compared to your line of work in 2010?

Bryan: The changes in my mindset that helped me the most was critical decision making I had done years of cognitive behavior therapy. Once I decided to participate actively in my life…well, my life began to change and I began pressing forward. Solar sales and real estate got me to become a 7 figure earner and I started selling solar in 2017 and investing into real estate with the money earned from it. Needless to say it paid off.

I received no loans at all to start out. All I did was work and sell solar. The average commission is 5,000 a deal and I would sell 10-15 a month! This was my competitive advantage that helped propel me into a new arena. For the real estate work, I did get hard money loans. The process was fairly simple, and based on the real estate deal, at least primarily. The work I do now is managing my businesses, overseeing their day to day operations, and looking for talent around the world. My day to day consists of helping people and the community that made me who I am today. I work on my businesses and encourage others to take a leap for themselves. I do a lot of coaching these days and am enjoying it so much I love to serve God and His will.

Aza: That is fantastic, Bryan. Thank you for sharing your story, and for helping to inspire those with similar obstacles to overcome them as you have. If you like Bryan’s experience, and want to participate in his Facebook group – Better Life Mastermind, you can find it here. Til next time, keep overcoming those obstacles! You can find second chances after a felony!

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