Newly Released Title! Just in Time for Halloween! – Aza’s Haunted Life – Shadows Behind the Door

Hello everyone!

While this year has really been scary enough in real life – I know I still find the scary things that aren’t as tangible as a pandemic to be interesting. I mean, it might just be me – and if you read the book I’m about to share here today – you’ll have a better understanding of why I have that interest even in the face of real life terrors every other day this year. The types of scares I share in this short read actually mostly give me hope for the next life, and from my understanding…that’s something a lot of individuals search their entire lives for. It’s sort of a human condition of sorts. One of the many.

Anyway, it’s finally October, after what seems like three years jammed into 9 months – hey, that’s almost what pregnancy feels like too now that I think about it! Ha. See, we can find some humor in these uncertain times. Silver linings, guys, seriously, they’re important. And it’s (finally) the beginning of the Halloween season.
The perfect time to indulge in ghostly types of interests. While I admit I’ve been working on totally different projects than what I started here as The Friendly Felon – I have talked about how I wanted to share some of the ways that I’m not just a felon – and in the midst of working on those projects that will soon be released, I finally realized that I had finished a manuscript and hadn’t done the publishing work or released it yet. Given that it’s the perfect time to share these scary stories – I couldn’t resist sharing them with you – my dedicated readers.

A quick-ish Thank You!

I still can’t believe how long I’ve managed to keep this blog going and how many great responses I’ve had from people that have been inspired to find a way to overcome their obstacles from finding this blog or found one of my tips useful in finding a workable solution to the problems they were facing. I love seeing people do better and find their happiness, and your following inspires me to keep pushing forward on the days that it gets hard to keep pushing toward those goals. It’s been a long, slow journey, much like any journey we take in life that is really worthwhile, so I want to thank you for following along and supporting it – even if you’re just a reader. I appreciate you and wish each and every one of you the absolute best in your lives.

Back to the New Release!

But, for now, let’s talk about some of the stranger things that can happen in one’s life. Just like the investigative teams on the TV say – some people are sensitive to spirits/ghosts/other entities and energies. I’m one of those people that have experienced that in real life. Pretty much constantly.

Want to know more about those sometimes terrifying and sometimes beautiful experiences? Well – grab the book!

Aza’s Haunted Life – Shadows Behind the Door – New Release

It’s right here at Smashwords. It’s my only work that I’ve tried the name your own price feature on – so, you can get it for free – or for however much you want to give for it. It’s up to you! If it goes well on this book, I will probably put the name your own price feature on more of my titles as I continue publishing things making them even more accessible to those that are interested but don’t have the funds to buy.

That’s all I’ve got for today, I hope you’re making it through 2020 the best way you can, it’s been a heck of a year and we should be congratulating each other for not losing our minds as things continue to be a little extra crazy across the world. Peace and love ya’ll, ’til next time.

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