Hi Reader!

I’m just your friendly neighborhood felon. My daily life consists of some variety of dragging my tired butt out of bed  each morning, checking my various online endeavors, heading to my job, coming home, working on my books, checking my local Craigslist for various extra jobs to help my income, and eating supper with my gorgeous (and sometimes stressful) family.

Like any other ‘normal’ individual within American society, I have a daily life, pay taxes, and argue about current politics with my friends. The only difference is that I have a much harder time (like most felons, and sometimes those with lesser convictions than my own) finding steady employment that has enough pay and benefits to keep my family afloat. Even when I do land a good job, sometimes it’s only a matter of time before someone brings up my past (even with talking openly and honestly with said employer) and I end up either fired due to rumors or simply to ease the public’s interaction with the store.

This makes the achievement of the American dream rather difficult, as many of you can likely testify. Thankfully, I’ve also been working on learning more about what sort of nifty loop-holes in the legal arena can help me get a job and keep it or build my own business that will actually be useful and moderately successful! Thanks to the things I’ve learned over the years with my record, and the experiences that have shaped my determination and discipline, I can forge ahead into the future and be more sure than most with a similar record that I will have financial stability.

I want to share the things I’ve learned so that more felons can find their path back into society and financial safety. Finances are certainly a giant influence here, as when things get rough, it can seem easier to slip into old habits and make the wrong choices that will land us back in territory I know I would rather avoid. Those steel bed frames are not kind to the body and I’d rather not experience those again any time soon.

Anyway, I hope you find my blog hopeful and helpful, and I look forward to the journey of getting the hang of blogging and getting to help out my fellow felon-kind.

If you’re looking for my older posts, you can find the post graveyard somewhere below the link for this on the homepage. Be sure to check out my Spiritual Experience Search to find a chance for a free book, and to see one of my own freaky stories that I’ve shared with you on these interwebs. You can also follow my posts and find my Facebook page, The Friendly Felon, to see inspirational memes, updates, and links to various posts that are helpful and informative.

The book Finding Freedom (Guide to Life after a Felony) is available in these retailers already:

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Stay Strong Felons! Where there is a will, there is a way!