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Take a quick scroll down to see the collection of work created by Aza Enigma / The Friendly Felon. DIY workbooks that coordinate with The Guide to Life After a Felony are now available, as well as a new historical fiction based on authentic WWI love letters.

Ultimate Re-entry Resource Guide

If you’re struggling to find the right information that will help you in your situation in your state, this will the be the first book you want to find! The Guide to Life After a Felony is the go-to simple re-entry resource that covers all the areas of life that are affected after a felony. From useful certificates that help with finding jobs with a conviction to how to survive your supervision period – this guide to re-entry resources has it all! Find the state by state breakdown of available certificates and helpful hints that will lead you back to freedom.

The Guide to Life After a Felony (also known as Finding Freedom: The Guide to Life After a Felony) is available from most eBook retailers (black and white covers) and available in print exclusively from Microcosm Publishing (golden cover). No matter which book you choose, they’re all under $5! That’s an absolute steal for the valuable tips and necessary resources you’ll find here.

One Insta reader shared, ” Great work! I’m not a felon and I still find this great for anyone needing to get their life in order!” So, check it out and see for yourself – The Guide to Life After a Felony can help anyone that’s ready for a change.

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The Guide to Life After  a Felony Links

Print Edition – Microcosm Publishing

Ebook Edition – Amazon / Kindle

Ebook Edition – Smashwords / All Readers

Felon Friendly Support Stickers

I support second chances – Buy Here

Greater than your labels – Buy Here

Historical Fiction – WWI (The Great War)

Follow the story of a Midwestern man embarking on an adventure that quickly escalates into a desperate bid to survive a grisly war. Trek through the countryside of early 1900s America – just before WII explodes into a frenzy of never-before-seen tactics. Find yourself lost in the descriptive letters home from a freshly trained soldier as he struggles to find hope in a bleak wasteland of trenches, blood, and bullets. Does he escape with his life or is he lost to the overwhelming tide of terror wrought by German soldiers? Find the sample on Amazon today and discover for yourself!

Letters of Love and War: The Tale of Taylor Edwin Links

Ebook Edition – Smashwords / All Readers

Ebook Edition – Amazon / Kindle

Print Edition: Amazon

Re-entry Resource DIY Workbooks

These workbooks are aimed to have a positive impact on those struggling with the long-term collateral consequences that many reformed citizens experience after release from prison. Support the battle to reduce recidivism and purchase a set today!

Workbook Links

Get a Grip on Life : Workbook One

Big Goals & First Steps : Workbook Two

Second Chances and Employment – Workbook Three

Basic Budgeting Workbook Four

Aza’s Haunted Life – Creepy Stories Collection

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