Writing Services

The Friendly Felon is now offering writing directly to you!

While I love my starter platforms for freelancing (Fiverr, UpWork, PPH and a couple others) – it’s time for a change. I’ve been freelancing and building experience in numerous niches since 2013. These freelance platforms have been great to get started, but after the monthly fees or sale based fees plus taxes – I’m losing right around half of my income before I even see a cent of it.

And I know I deserve better than that for the services I can provide. My clients agree. The best clients know it’s more affordable to do business directly once we’ve been networked together and we’re all saving money on ridiculous platform expenses now.

So, if you’re looking for a business/corporate writer for marketing copy (email series), a biographer, a regular article writer, or anything wordy and creative – contact me with your budget and what you need. I’ll work with you to make it happen! Here’s a few ideas of what I can do for you!

Writing services

Blog articles – I’ve got these down pat and can customize to your style as needed! My favorite genres and topics include: Adulting, Adult Advice, Cannabis, Career Advice, Spirituality, Sexuality, Social Justice, and more! Lists, bulleted ideas, and creative formats are encouraged too!

Product descriptions – When you build a store or online business, you need the most accurate descriptions to help enchant your customers – get new, updated, or revised descriptions from me that will boost SEO and increase sales!

Update your work – running a blog and behind on updating your informational articles? Let me take the reins and get your articles back on top! Remove old and outdated information to make your information the most valuable on the net!

Link-building – Don’t wait for links to come to you. I will build links into your work to help you boost your domain authority while improving the quality of your content.

No matter how many words you need, no matter what your budget might be, we can come to an agreement on it to help you reach your goals.

I accept PayPal currently and will expand as necessary/possible over time. Just fill in this nifty contact form and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. Spots are filling up fast – so get me booked before another client does!